Palmistry in China: chinese medical palm reading & TCM!

April 6, 2009

Palmistry in China.

Palmistry in China

Palmistry experts in China:

In China palmistry is traditionally a part of the famous scene of the ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine‘ (TCM). The history of the chinese palmistry goes back to the earliest origins of the Zhou Dynasty (1122-770 BCE).

The earliest important Chinese discussion of palmistry is found in the Gu Ge Pian (Writings on the Skeleton), also known as Gu Xiang (Appearances on Bones), written by the scholar Wang Chong in the late part of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE).

In China today, biologist, psychologists, and sociologists as well as the above-mentioned anthropologists, geneticists, and physicians are all engaged in substantiating the age-old wisdom on human health and disease contained in Chinese palmistry.

traditional Chinese medicine doctors say they can study your palm and learn about the state of your heart, healthwise. The handpalm color (pink is healthy), appearance of the veins and the lunula of the fingernails (white crescent at the base of the fingernail) are all important indicators of health in ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ (TCM).

Palmistry in China
Palmistry in China:
Palmists & Palm readers in China & Palmistry experts in Hong-Kong

Palmistry in China

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2 Responses to “Palmistry in China: chinese medical palm reading & TCM!”

  1. Recently I bought a book in Amazon on Chinese palmistry and past life regression. Chinese palmistry is something I am enthralled with.

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