Palmistry: there are 25.000 palmists registered in Nepal!

March 7, 2009

Palmistry in Nepal

Palmistry in Nepal

Palmistry experts in Nepal:

Palmistry is extremely popular in Nepal; in 2007 the Nepal Phalit Research Astrology Council (NPRAC), reported that there are 25,000 palmists registered in Nepal!

Nepal has a rich culture of ‘roadside palmists’, usually they are fortunetellers – by the way there are reports which say that quite a lot of them have no knowledge of palmistry at all…!!! A report from the streets of Dolakha:

“I think there are more than two thousand footpath fortune tellers in the capital; on an average day, more than half-a-dozen people visit me to know their future. On an odd day, there might be no customer, though,” said Krishna Raj Giri, a palmist from Dolakha.

Except for these roadside fortune tellers, the rest of the palmists in Nepal (e.g. Kathmandu & Pokhara) are leading a good enough life with earnings from the profession, according to the Council of the Nepal Phalit Research Astrology.

However the palmists from Nepal hardly play a role in the ‘global’ history of palmistry. Below you can find the website of a few palmists & palm readers from Nepal.

Palmistry in Nepal
Palmistry in Nepal:
4 Palmists & Palm readers in Nepal

Palmistry in Nepal

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