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January 11, 2011

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 8,300 times in 2010. That’s about 20 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 6 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 35 posts.

The busiest day of the year was July 23rd with 102 views. The most popular post that day was Palmistry in Asia – find a palmist in 15 Asian countries.

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The top referring sites in 2010 were en.wordpress.com, en.search.wordpress.com, nikoo7.blogfa.com, obama-scandal-exposed.co.cc, and webhostingplusdomain.co.cc.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for palmistry, palm reading, palmist, benazir bhutto, and pakistan flag.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Palmistry in Asia – find a palmist in 15 Asian countries July 2008


Palmistry in England (UK) July 2008


PALM READING IN ASIA: Palmistry is extremely popular in Pakistan! April 2010
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Vedic Palmistry: is Hinduism in India the birth place of modern Palm Reading? March 2009
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Palmistry in Ukraine July 2008


Palmistry & Palm Reading in Canada.

Palmistry & Palm Reading in Canada

Palmistry in Canada:

Today palmistry is moderately popular in Canada, but in the largest cities it is quite easy to find a palm reader. Most significant is probably ‘The Birla Center for Hast Jyotish‘, which was founded by Ghanshyam Singh Birla in 1972.

In 2010 cheirologist Kenneth Lagerström presented in cooperation with VoiceAmerica The Talk Radionetwork a 12-episode radio show about hands, named: ‘Your Life is in Your Hands’. Recordings of the episodes will probably become available again later this years.

Palmistry in Canada flag
Palmistry in Canada:
38 Palmists & Palm Readers in Canada

The Birla Center for Hast Jyotish!

The Birla Center for Hast Jyotish!
Jena Griffiths interviews Ghanshyam Singh Birla!
More palm reading from the continent North America!
The best palmistry websites from Canada & the US!

Palmistry & Palm Reading in Australia.

Palmistry & Palm Reading in Australia

Palmistry in Australia:

Today palmistry is quite popular in Australia, and quite a few palmistry TOP 100 authors are living in Australia, such as: Paul Fenton-Smith, Andrew Fitzherbert, Peter Hazel & Laeticia Valverde.

The extended headline became probably famous for it’s relatively high occurence in- and around Sydney a few decades ago. And in 1968 it was Purvis-Smith who named this palmar line the ‘Sydney line‘ – in a publication which described the significance of both the ‘Sydney line’ and the ‘simian line‘ in Down’s syndrome.

Palmistry in Australia flag
Palmistry in Australia:
30 Palmists & Palm Readers in Australia

The Sydney line was first re-discovered by researchers from Australia!

The Sydney line: an underestimated hand crease!
The international palmistry vocabulary!
More palm reading from the continent Australia!
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Palmistry & Palm Reading in Singapore.

Palmistry & Palm Reading in Singapore

Palmistry in Singapore:

Singapore – a.k.a. ‘Little India’ – belongs to the very few countries in Asia where gambling is legal, and of course it is also famous for it’s ‘medical tourism hub’. But Singapore can also be recognized as a country where palmistry is relatively popular!

An interestingly variation, is presented by a palmistry expert named ‘Master Khor’ who combines palmistry with Feng Shui – where ‘hand types’ are associated with colors, in order to let people choose the color of their furniture that really fit with them. The event is organized at ‘Chair Inspiration‘.

Palmistry in Singapore flag
Palmistry in Singapore:
9 Palmists & Palm Readers in Singapore

Palmistry combined with Feng Shui: choose the color or your chair based on your hand type!

Palmist from Malaysia presents: ‘the hand of a millionaire!’
Medical palmistry from China!
Fortunes fading for Cambodia’s Palmists!
Palmist Nisha Ghai says: ‘palmistry is a science!’
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Palmistry & Palm Reading in The Netherlands.

Palmistry & Palm Reading in The Netherlands

Hand Analysis in The Netherlands:

The Netherlands has a relatively high number of active hand analysts & hand readers (amateurs & professionals). Typical for palm reading in the Netherlands is that the purpose it not focussed on the ‘predictive’ aspect of palmistry at all – all major hand reading schools in the Netherlands strive for teaching about human nature, including the spiritual, psychological & health dimension.

Today there are two Dutch hand reading schools with an impressive track record: in 2010 the ‘School for Universal Hand Reading‘ (founded by Magda van Dijk) celebrates it’s 20th anniversary, after in 2007 the Academie Antropodynamica (founded by Edo Sprong) had celebrated it’s 20th anniversary.

The most popular Dutch synonyms for palmistry are: ‘handlezen’, ‘handleeskunde’, ‘handlijnkunde’ en ‘handanalyse’.

Palmistry in The Netherlands flag
Palmistry in The Netherlands:
71 Palm Readers & Hand Analysts in The Netherlands

PRIMATE HANDS – ‘Finger Length linked with Social Behavior!’
‘Digit Ratio’ – stories about the 2D:4D finger length ratio!
The best palmistry websites from Europe!
Palmistry reports: news, research & articles
Study from Germany: long ring finger linked with traffic violations

Palmistry & Palm Reading in Pakistan.

Palmistry & Palm Reading in Pakistan

Palmistry in Pakistan:

Palmistry is extremely popular in Pakistan, and according Google trends Pakistan could be described as the no.1 country in the world where people show the largest interest for finding info related to palmistry (especially in the cities Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad).

Interestingly, last month the Gilani Research foundation presented a study which pointed out that in Pakistan: “… 57% have some belief that fate is hidden in the lines of one’s hands”.

Palmistry in Pakistan flag
Palmistry in Pakistan:
13 Palmists & Palm Readers in Pakistan

Palmprint of Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir Bhutto – PalmPrint of Destiny!
‘Digit Ratio’ – The NEXT NATURE variant of Palm Reading?
The best palmistry websites from Asia!
Palmistry news & research resports
Palmistry from Islamabad, Pakistan: myth or reality?

Palmistry & Chirology in South-Africa.

Palmistry & Chirology in South-Africa

Palmistry in South-Africa:

Palmistry (cheirology) is quite popular in Africa. Especially in: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Centurion, Edenvale, Pretoria, Durban, Margate & Plettenberg Bay.

Last year chirologist Jennifer Hirsch from Cape Town presented her new book titled: ‘God Given Glyps‘ (see the picture below). In 1991 she founded the ‘Chirology Center of South Africa‘. Her book is now also listed in Palmistry books TOP 100 – and deserves a special recommendation for anyone who is interested in the basics & details of ‘Elemental hand reading’ (including the dermatoglyphics and fingerprints).

Palmistry in South-Africa flag
Palmistry in South-Africa:
23 Palmists & Chirologers in South-Africa

Jennifer Hirsch presents: God Given Glyphs.

The best palmistry websites from Africa!
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Palmistry & Handlesen in Germany.

Palmistry & Handlesen in Germany

Palmistry in Germany:

Germany played a significant role in the history of palmistry – including the early practices of German gypsies (Sinti & Roma), who have traditionally been involved in readings hands (‘handlesen’) since the 15th century.

In the 20th century various German researchers (e.g. Alexander Rodewald, Charlotte Wolff) have acquired respectable fame for their hand research efforts. And the works of various German hand reading experts – e.g. Rudolf Friedrich Engelhardt, Julius Spier & Gertrud I. Hürlimann – have gained the approval from quite a few international palmists & palm readers.

Palmistry in Germany
Palmistry in the US:
58 Palmists & Handlesers in Germany

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Palmistry in the US.

Palmistry in the US

Palmistry in the US:

An american who deserves at least some credits in the history of palmistry, is William G. Benham. His famous ‘The Benham Book of Palmistry‘ (1900) – also known as the ‘bible of palmistry’: definitely one of the world’s most comprehensive palmistry books.
Nowadays the field of modern hand reading is in the USA dominated by the ‘International Institute of Hand Analysis‘ – founded in 1985 by Hand Analyst Richard Unger. Richard Unger has many students in the USA and Swiss. In 2007 he presented his first book: ‘Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints‘. Hand Analyst Richard Unger showing his book 'Lifeprints'.

Palmistry in the US
Palmistry in the US:
Palmists & Palm readers in the US

The best palmistry websites from North-America!
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Palmistry in Indonesia.

Palmistry in Indonesia

Palmistry in Indonesia:

In Indonesia is palmistry a branch of the Indonesian spiritual culture – often practized by a ‘Balian’ – or: holy man.

Not so long ago the Balian palm reader Ketut Liyer, was catapulted to fame by the best-selling book of Elizabeth Gilbert, “Eat Pray Love”. Nowadays this Balian soothsayer has become a famous palmist & also the most important Balian on an island of very spiritual people.

Ketut Liyer is a ‘Balian tenung’ (a soothsayer who spiritually heals people affected by black magic), and he is over 80 years old. His home is a typical Balinese compound, a gathering of buildings which are situated North, South, East and West, and a big open pavilion at the center with a low bed or sofa. Palmist Ketut meets people under a smaller side pavilion, and the waiting group sits under another open area. Here you can read more about Elizabeth Gilbert’s adventures with Ketut Liyer

Palmistry in Indonesia
Palmistry in Indonesia:
Palmists & Palm readers in Indonesia

Famous palmist from Bali: soothsayer Ketut Liyer.

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